Investment Yields vs Inflation at LAIF

Local Government Agencies: Are Your Interest Earnings Greater than the 7% Inflation Rate? As a municipal finance officer (i.e., CFO, Finance Director, etc.), it is usually our job to invest the idle cash balances of our local government.  But some finance officers don’t have the time (or the expertise) to spend the hour or two… Read More »

Take Time to Sharpen Your Saw!

Read article below or click here to watch video How long have you been sitting at your desk? Or rather, how long have you been sitting at your desk chair? No matter how busy you are, or how busy you need to appear, nothing that you’re working on at your organization right now, is worth… Read More »

Look Forward to 2023 with Enthusiasm!

The 2022 year is behind us now. How quickly time flew by! Today is December 31, 2022 and it feels like the end of a 3-year “life changing” event.  Read below or click to watch video. We have lall earned to live with COVID since 2020.  Even though we will still have COVID in 2023,… Read More »

Accounting Clerks Vital to Accounting

Accounting Clerks are vital to the financial accounting and reporting systems that organizations employ to prepare financial statements and reports. Read article below or click here to watch video Most Accounting Clerks enter only “one side” of accounting transactions by virtue of doing their jobs in Accounts Payable, Payroll, Cash Receipts, Utility Billing, and other… Read More »

Why Raise Utilization of Accounting Software

Raise Utilization of your Existing Accounting Software through Training.  Read below or click here for video Here’s some points I think Finance and Accounting professionals may consider regarding utilization of their accounting software. 1. Value whatever accounting software you currently have. Sure you could spend $500,000 on a new accounting software, but if you don’t… Read More »

New CFO – Where do You Start?

OK so you’re the new guy… Where do you start? Read below or click here to watch video You walk into a new job as a CFO, Finance Director, or related position. On your first week, you find out the books are behind, way behind, the audits are delinquent, and your organization is about to… Read More »

3 Reasons why Finance Directors get fired.

There are three main reasons why finance directors, CFOs, and other top financial and accounting professionals get fired in their organizations.  Read below or watch video One. Management skills. You need to learn to delegate, communicate, and manage the expectations of your superiors and the stakeholders of your organization. “Let everybody and God know when… Read More »

Professionals Spend Time with Your Dad

Professionals Who Make Time For their Dad Have No Regrets at their Deathbed.  Watch video Today’s MuniTemps CitySpeak article is to remind all of my colleagues of how important it is that we all make time in our busy professional lives to spend time with our dads. As I told you a couple of weeks… Read More »