Work-Life Balance…It’s All You!

Work-Life Balance: Click to watch video or listen to audio: A colleague on LinkedIn recently suggested I should speak about work-life balance and how I achieved it during the 47 years of my working life. The bottom line of this CitySpeak blog post article is that it’s all you! What does the plane stewardess tell… Read More »

College = High ROI for the Industrious

Click here to watch  video for this blog post There’s much talk about the value of a college education today. NBC News has an article on YouTube titled “Growing Number of Americans Questioning the Value of College Education” posted July 31, 2022. This NBC News article is interesting, but it plays into the rhetoric about… Read More »

Project Confidence at Your New Job

Project Confidence at Your New Job! Some 20 million people quit their job the second half of last year, so there’s lots of new people around our organization. If you’re one of these new employees, I challenge you to obligate yourself to success and be confident at your new job. Confidence is NOT arrogance. Having… Read More »

Hardworking People Thrive During a Recession!

Hardworking productive employees, don’t worry about recession! There’s a lot of talk of another economic recession. It’s been 14 years since the Great Recession of 2008. How many of you remember it? Click here to watch my video on why I say hardworking productive people have nothing to worry about during this next economic recession.… Read More »

Chair of the Federal Reserve Bank?

I’m glad I took the advice to set a “realistic” career goal and gave up the idea of becoming Chair of the Federal Reserve Bank! Watch this video to learn why setting realistic career goals does not always mean you don’t believe in yourself. There is an inspirational quote, “With the right mindset, you can… Read More »

Buy House to Make a Home, Not Quick Profits

Jobs come and go, but our home should be the one stable thing in our life that provides safety and security for working families. Having a stable home has become an increasingly difficult (even impossible) goal for many workers.  This may be due to economic or financial reasons, including the way we think about our… Read More »


WHAT CITY HALL NEEDS FROM ITS FINANCE DIRECTORS PART 1 View in:  PDF   Podcast     Video Finance Directors have been retiring in droves from City Halls throughout our country. This is an excellent time for ambitious young people who want a career in financial management to step up and compete for the Finance Director… Read More »


HELP CITY MANAGER ON-BOARD NEW COUNCIL MEMBERS Next month thousands of new City Council members and Board of Directors will be taking the oath of office and be sworn in as the powerful elected officials who will represent the millions of Americans at local communities across the United States of America. Many of these Council… Read More »