Project Confidence at Your New Job

Project Confidence at Your New Job!

Some 20 million people quit their job the second half of last year, so there’s lots of new people around our organization.

If you’re one of these new employees, I challenge you to obligate yourself to success and be confident at your new job.

Confidence is NOT arrogance.

Having a healthy level of confidence helps you step outside your comfort zone and take on increasingly more challenging projects, that will in turn show your employer they made the right choice in hiring you.

Walk around your organization with the confidence of a millionaire!

You’re worth millions of dollars to your organization, and your job is worth millions of dollars to you, especially during this time where economic recession or depression is looming.

Project confidence by dressing for success, by standing tall, being calm, and by displaying the body language of a winner and a millionaire!

And if you want to be a millionaire financially, start a side hustle, or even leave your job to start a small business (especially if you’re underpaid and under loved right now).

A down economy is the BEST time to start a business! And it takes LOTS of confidence to start your own business!

Remember the saying, “fake it till you make it, if you are lacking in confidence!

I love the ideas that author Judi Moreo has from her book, “You’re More than Enough, Every Woman’s Guide to Purpose, Passion, and Power”.

Why not buy a bracelet that says, “Awesome” or “Confident”?

This will remind you to walk around your workplace with confidence!

Have NO FEAR! Have fun in your job and have fun practicing being CONFIDENT!

Remember, they won’t fire you for being confident.

Actually, they will reward your confidence with more exciting duties and projects that will make your job worth even millions more!

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