Get Temp Help Today - Easy as 1-2-3

MuniTemps makes it easy for you to get experienced "temp help" in your Department. No fuss. No bureaucracy. No high-pressure sales. We handle the staffing process 100% electronically, but the temp workers are real people who work at your office, unless you want them to work remotely.

Here's all you do to get temp help from MuniTemps:
1. Fill out "Skill Set and Position Needs" form.
2. Sign our "Promise Not to Backdoor Hire" form.
3. Approve which temp you like and hourly bill rate.

We have a 4-page municipal staffing agreement we've used for 13 years without a single issue, though we would go to work for you just on a handshake. This agreement spells out "responsibilities": WE are responsible for payroll, taxes, workers comp, insurance, etc. because the "temp" assigned to YOU will remain OUR employee. And YOU are responsible for assigning work to our employee and making sure it is done to your satisfaction.

Every two weeks, YOU sign our employee's timesheet approving the hours worked so WE can pay OUR employees immediately, then WE email YOU an invoice.

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