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Navigating the organizational, political and budgetary intricacies of local government can be a challenge. An understanding of personnel policies, civil service regulations, and recruiting procedures that pertain to each municipality are critical to being considered for a position.

That’s where MuniTemps comes in. We know the people, the policies and the processes. Our municipal clients count on us to provide them with experienced professionals who understand local government. They provide us with access to local government vacancies, and we place top talent into these municipal government jobs, nationwide.

Work as a temporary, temporary-to-hire or permanent employee. Many of our candidates find that working as a temporary gives them a chance to impress their manager on the job and win the job once it’s posted.

Do you have the dedication, commitment and experience it takes to excel in local government careers? Get the job opportunities you deserve.

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Local government vacancies we fill:

  • Buyer
  • Budget Analyst
  • Account Clerk Technician
  • Accountant
  • Accounting Manager
  • Finance Director/CFO
  • Administrative Clerk
  • Administrative Analyst
  • Deputy City Clerk
  • City Clerk
  • Executive Assistant
  • City Manager
  • HR Analyst
  • HR Manager
  • Maintenance Worker
  • Permit Technician
  • Water Meter Reader
  • Water Operator
  • Director of Human Resources
  • Director of Public Works
  • Director of Community Services
  • Director of Finance
  • Director of Admin Services
  • Director of Parks & Recreation