You Know You’re in a Recession When Your Neighbor’s Out of Work, But You’re in a Depression When You’re Out of Work!

You Know You’re in a Recession When Your Neighbor’s Out of Work, But You’re in a Depression When You’re Out of Work! The last 6 economic recessions have taught us much about what happens at City Hall and other municipalities during financial downturns. Rather than simply relying on seniority, bumping rights, and MOUs, why not… Read More »

*NEW* CitySpeak Podcast – Video

Dear municipal partners, MuniTemps has expanded it’s CitySpeak blog to include a Podcast available on iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon. The CitySpeak is also available on the MuniTemps YouTube channel as a video blog. The CitySpeak blog, podcast, and video will appear every Thursday, to continue to expand the educational, professional, and community-based content that we… Read More »


WHY WOULD I WANT TO WORK HERE? This is a question I asked a City Manager during my final (one on one) interview in 2006 for a Finance Director job. He told me I was one of two finalists for the position. After an hour of meeting together, he asked me the usual final question… Read More »

The Economic Roller Coaster…Brace Yourself!

You know it’s serious when your banker tells you HE’S stressed from today’s economic uncertainty. Nothing makes sense. The relationships between economic indicators, interest rates, the stock market, inflation, unemployment, none of it makes sense. It’s as if you’re on the X2 roller coaster, and it’s your first time. Not knowing what’s next can cause… Read More »


JOB IS MORE VALUABLE THAN MONEY IN THE BANK  PDF Version   This is no time to panic.  Stay focused on doing your job, especially if you can do it safely and according to CDC guidelines.  Look for ways to quantify how you are adding “value” to your organization or company, because your job is… Read More »


WHAT GOOD IS MONEY WITHOUT DISNEYLAND?  Read PDF Version People young and old have for decades enjoyed the magic of Walt Disney, a visionary leader who saw the future need to provide a place where people from all over the world could “get away from it all” to enjoy a day of family fun, happiness,… Read More »

4 Tips on How to Be Successful When Your Team Is Fast-Paced

Working on a fast-paced team can be difficult at times. You might find yourself moving among tasks or juggling many duties all at once. You have to be agile and change priorities whenever the municipality’s needs call for it. Because things happen quickly and continuously, you must do all you can to stay prepared and… Read More »

Encourage a More Mentally Healthy Workplace with These Tips

According to the Center for Prevention and Health, mental illness and substance abuse cost employers between $79 and $105 billion annually. Absenteeism, reduced productivity and increased health care costs are a few reasons why. The way staff think, feel and behave impacts productivity, communication, the ability to maintain safety in the workplace and other issues.… Read More »

Should You Work for a Municipality?

Working for a municipality is personally rewarding. Having an impact on your community encourages you to go to work each day. Being compensated to improve the lives of others helps you feel fulfilled. Here are additional benefits of working for a municipality.   Work-Life Balance Because you most likely want a strong work-life balance, working… Read More »