Don’t let Chicken Little Influence Your Prudent Decision-Making

Chicken little yells, “the sky is falling“!  Watch video

The media today thrives on Chicken Little style news reporting that sells, and that makes money for their organizations, with money sometimes having a higher value than the truth.

Back in the day, we relied on Walter Cronkite, Dan Rather, Harry Reasoner, and others, to report objectively on the news, without any bias or focus on “selling the news”.

Today’s news has a way to polarize and divide all of us if we’re not thinking critically and objectively about what we hear.

We do have problems, a lot of SERIOUS problems to work on.

But we need to work out solutions without the sensational influence of the Chicken Littles of the world.

We can’t allow Chicken Little sensational news reporting to influence our rational and prudent decision making process.

There are many people, with little academics or credentials on social media, making Chicken Little statements that often times is for their own financial gain.

Today one in three of us in America have a college degree (LinkedIn is higher), which means we were trained to think critically and objectively so that we make better decision.

Don’t make “informed opinion” statements about proposed tax legislation based on what your corner tax preparer says.

The same applies to the economy, or the real estate market, or whatever discipline or institution is responsible for reporting the “facts”.

Fact check everything you hear, and take the time to read and research to make better decisions and recommendations.

So let us think critically and objectively about everything we read, hear, and watch on the news media today.

John Herrera, CPA
CitySpeak Blog

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