Accounting Clerks Vital to Accounting

Accounting Clerks are vital to the financial accounting and reporting systems that organizations employ to prepare financial statements and reports.

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Most Accounting Clerks enter only “one side” of accounting transactions by virtue of doing their jobs in Accounts Payable, Payroll, Cash Receipts, Utility Billing, and other “modules” the organization’s integrated financial accounting system.

However, these one-sided entries entered by Accounting Clerks constitute the vast majority of the transactions in the General Ledger that end up populating the financial statements at the end of the year.

Yes, Accounting Clerks perform an important role in the accounting infrastructure of their organizations. This is why I created this video blog, to help Accounting Clerks appreciate how easy it is to learn the important accounting concepts that are fundamental to the accounting technologies they are a vital part of.

Accounting Clerks can advance their career and improve their job satisfaction by learning some of the basics of accounting that they may never get exposed to during the course of doing their regular job.

Enjoy this video blog as a “big picture” overview of the accounting principles, concepts, and characteristics that Accounting Clerks can learn to grow in their careers and better serve their organizations.

It’s obvious I’m including a lot of accounting terminology and concepts, but I promise to drill down on each of accounting concepts in upcoming CitySpeak training articles that I bring to you through MuniTemps.

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John Herrera, CPA

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