Management Retreats: Great Opportunity for Team Building!

Strategic Planning & Leadership Retreat: Get involved in the sessions, speak up, be vulnerable, the benefits will be huge!

Remember the saying, “LEAD, FOLLOW, OR GET OUT OF THE WAY”.

Yes, if we’re a leader or a manager in the organization, we are grateful and excited to be able to participate in strategic planning

Let us NOT just show up and just sit there quietly, thinking “this is stupid”, or “nothing will ever change around here”.

Strategic planning and leadership retreats DO benefit the management team and improve the organization’s ability to realize the VISION and mission statement of the City Council or Board of Directors.


The success of a management retreat depends upon YOU!

Not all organizations have management or leaders who care enough about investing in strategic planning or leadership retreats, to take their organizations to the next level. So if your organization moves forward with team building, take advantage of it and be “all in” during this vital training session.

And don’t forget that you are a MANAGER in your organization, otherwise you would not be invited.

This is why you get paid the big bucks! $$$

So take advantage of this team-building opportunity and make a difference in building a WINNING TEAM. This will reflect well in your organization and the community that you serve.

Sure, it is risky to open yourself up, as you are asked to speak up about what you think is going well or not so well, especially in front of the City Council or Board of Directors.  But if you’re vested in your organization, help LEAD your organization. Get excited about this leadership retreat and make a difference in the strategic planning for the future of your organization.

So go for it!

Make a difference in this year’s strategic planning session, and take what you learn and implement this at with your own team in your department and to move your organization forward.

All for now,

John Herrera, CPA
MuniTemps and the CitySpeak blog and podcast.

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