Have Solutions to Housing Crisis?

Smart Development in Spain: Brainstorming Ideas to Address Homelessness in Your Community.

I’m from California where homelessness and housing affordability are a top challenge for local governments.

These partner with state and federal housing agencies, along with nonprofits that respect the priorities of the local communities where they are invited to support.

I know that other States in America already embrace smart development similar to that in European countries like Spain.

I was impressed with a presentation by the Mayor of National City, California 20 years ago as he hosted the local chapter of the California League of Cities meeting.

The Mayor said words I recall him saying, “it is important that we consider all options to address the current and future housing needs of California communities, including a new type of residential housing ‘product’”, which made me think of the housing options I experienced in Spain this month.

Watch my video to see just an example of the residential housing “product” the Mayor discussed with the the California League of Cities in National City in 2003.

Residential Development continues to be a hot topic in California and throughout the United States.

I know the hot buttons, NIMBY, and the economics of the residential housing “product” the then Mayor spoke of.

With good management and multi-level public / private partnerships, I’m optimistic the solution is within our grasp.

Spaniards can own condo / apartment “today” for about 70.000€ ($75,000 US).

The opportunities we had in 2003, when condo conversions in Imperial Beach allowed apartment renters to “own” their own home at under $130,000 may appear ancient history, but there is good reasons to remain committed to helping hard working people to build wealth…through home ownership.

The gap in market prices housing and the housing price out hardworking people can afford is pretty wide, and getting worse.

This will continue to be a social and economic issue that will require public officials to make tough choices to identify solutions that work for the greater number.

By looking outside our jurisdictional boundaries, and even at communities of other countries, we may find solutions that are economically and socially palatable.

All for now,

John Herrera, CPA


“CitySpeak the Podcast” (YouTube)

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