Ponder Career Path on a Mountain

As I look back on 33 years working in local government organizations like a City or Special District, I remember the different career “paths” which were available to me as a young man.

Click here to view my video as I share my thoughts on career paths in municipal / local government, click here, but please share your own career path, especially if you have worked in local government for any length of time.

Please make the time to get your bachelor’s degree in business or public administration, or any relevant degree.  This will open up so many more “options” or “paths” to enjoy an exciting and rewarding career in municipal government.

Don’t buy into all the rhetoric about “why college is not worth it”.  The people who speak badly about a college degree are usually the people who never completed their college degree.

And remember, it’s never too late too go back to community college and then transfer to a 4-year college or university.

Time flies by!

The 4 years you will invest in your career have “already passed” by…it is December 2027 and you have earned your bachelor’s degree.  Believe, 2027 is already here!  Don’t believe me?  Think of September 2019, does that feel like a long time ago?

Yes sir, time flies!

So start your college degree now, no matter your age or your current situation.  There’s lots of money out there to facilitate your college education.  Just show up, great things will happen.  Ok enough of a rant for why you should go to college.  Thank you for listening.

It’s also never too late to pursue the career path in public service as a City Manager, Director, or other leadership position in local government.

All for now and best wishes on traversing your own career path!  🙂

John Herrera, CPA, MPA

President / CEO

MuniTemps – Municipal Recruiting & Staffing

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