Advice on Staying Motivated

Motivation is what keeps you going in today’s competitive work environment. If you can’t stay motivated long enough to finish a project or keep up with daily tasks, your performance won’t be where you want it to be. For this reason, you need to find ways to stay motivated and complete your work. Here’s some advice.


Set and Visualize a Goal

Write down a goal you want to achieve. Define it enough to create a clear picture. See, feel, and hear every detail of what you want to attain. Visualize yourself taking steps to make it happen. See in your mind exactly what you need to succeed. Be sure it speaks to your heart so you’re motivated to stay on target.

Write Down Your Why

Create a list of reasons you want to accomplish your goal. Your purpose for accomplishing your goals often is more important than what you want to attain or how you go about it. Being clear about your why gives you the stimulus to stay on course. Focusing on the bigger picture keeps you motivated to keep going. Include how your goal relates to yourself and others and contributes to something important and makes a difference. Use a pen to write your list. Writing by hand manually connects the letters and more actively engages your brain in the process than typing.

Break Down Your Goal

Write down small steps to attain your goal. Include deadlines, intermediary targets, and rewards. Gather the resources and materials you need to accomplish your objective. Work on one step at a time. Each small success triggers your brain’s reward center, releasing dopamine to make you feel good. This increases your focus and inspires you to take the next step.

Request Support

Ask for help from trusted colleagues, friends, and family. Announcing your intentions sends an impactful message to your unconscious mind about attaining what you want. Sharing your plan with others helps you stay motivated. Ask them to hold you accountable for completing the steps of your plan and reaching your goal. Choose people you know will support you on your journey. Request that they provide self-affirming statements to help you out. Surrounding yourself with positive thoughts helps you control how you think, feel and act, leading to positive actions that help you reach your goal.

Measure Your Progress

Make sure you’re hitting your intermediary targets according to the deadline. This lets you know whether you’re on course or need to alter your actions. Keep your accountability partners informed on your progress. They can share in your wins, provide advice for altering your navigation to get back on course and help you maneuver toward hitting your targets. Celebrate your wins with your group.


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