Should You Work for a Municipality?

Working for a municipality is personally rewarding. Having an impact on your community encourages you to go to work each day. Being compensated to improve the lives of others helps you feel fulfilled. Here are additional benefits of working for a municipality.


Work-Life Balance

Because you most likely want a strong work-life balance, working for a municipality is in your best interest. Whether you have kids, care for elderly parents or want enough downtime to pursue personal interests, you’ll be able to fit in everything you want to accomplish each week. Because government offices typically are open 8 am to 5 pm and close on weekends and holidays, you have more time off work than many others. As a result, being able to succeed at work and home is possible.

Meaningful Work

Working for a municipality lets, you serve the public in a meaningful way. You’re responsible for building and improving communities and contributing to the success of your village, town, city or county. For instance, if you work as an emergency responder, you keep everyone safe. If you’re an engineer or public works employee, you build and maintain physical infrastructure. As a city or county planner, you envision and shape the future growth of the area. As a recreation, arts and culture, or library staff member, you enhance community life. You see your hard work impact others daily. People are happier and more fulfilled because of your contributions.


Retirement Benefits

As a municipal worker, you have access to a defined benefit retirement plan. Once you’re eligible for retirement, typically after 20 years of employment, you gain access to a monthly pension for life. You may be able to lower your benefit and allow for your spouse to receive the benefit for life.


Job Security

Your municipal role provides job security. Unlike the private sector, public sector employees experience fewer ups and downs when it comes to layoffs and employee cutbacks. The steady demand for services means libraries, police and fire services, public works, utilities, recreation, and other programs will continue.

Additional Benefits

In addition to a retirement plan, your municipal position provides a variety of benefits. These include health insurance with affordable premiums, vacation days, sick days, and holidays. Other benefits may include employee assistance programs, deferred compensation programs or life insurance plans.  Combined with a base salary, these benefits increase your overall compensation.

Find Your Next Municipal Job

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