You’re Going to Wear That?!

What you wear when working for a municipality affects how coworkers and your manager perceive you. Dressing in an appropriate manner shows you’re professional, respect the municipality, and are serious about your job. To communicate the right image, follow these guidelines to determine what you should and shouldn’t wear when you work in a municipality.

Examples of Improper Attire

Any items that give the impression that you don’t take pride in your appearance need to be avoided. Examples include low-cut or short blouses, jeans, shorts, low-rise or distressed pants, short skirts, flip flops, sneakers, undergarments like boxer briefs or camisoles that are visible to others, political t-shirts, and body jewelry such as nose and lip rings. Pajamas, baseball caps, tracksuits, fishnet stockings, tight sweaters, off-the-shoulder tops, hockey jerseys, leggings, Hawaiian shirts and anything you’d wear clubbing are not to be considered.

Examples of Proper Attire

Your clothing should either match or exceed the type and quality of attire worn by the people who interviewed you. Clothing needs to be neat and clean. It should cover the chest, stomach, back, upper thighs, and other personal areas. Since bare legs communicate a more casual look, women who wear skirts or dresses should wear pantyhose. Anything that represents you in the best possible way and has the right fit, fabrics, colors and patterns is acceptable. This includes dressy tops and pants, skirts, dresses, jumpsuits and shoes. Be sure your clothing covers tattoos, which belong in a more social setting than a professional environment. When interacting with coworkers and your manager, you want to be dressed conservatively so they focus on what you’re saying rather than how you look.

Blend with the Culture

Any clothing you choose to wear needs to blend with the culture of your municipality. Your workplace is about work and your ability to contribute to the municipality. What you wear also depends on the amount and type of contact you have with each other and the public. Whether an article of clothing is allowable often depends on its style and cut and how it’s paired with other clothing. You have to adapt your professional style based on your municipality. If you’re unsure whether a specific item of clothing is appropriate, ask your manager.

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