Here Are 4 Ways to Reduce Hiring Costs

Lowering the hiring costs can be challenging. Advertising, interviewing and training expenses quickly add up. However, because a bad hire can cost as much as 30% of the employee’s first-year earnings, you need to spend the money needed to find the most qualified candidate. To lower your expenses while hiring top candidates, here are four ways to reduce your hiring costs.

Reduce Advertising Costs

Lowering your advertising expenses reduces hiring costs. For instance, you can post job openings on social media. According to a study by Jobvite, 92% of U.S. companies recruit through social media. Whereas a listing on a major job board can run over $400, you can reach a significantly greater number of active and passive candidates on social media. Facebook lets you advertise job openings on your company page. Twitter and Snapchat ads let you highlight company culture and encourage candidates to apply for openings. Because social media lets you promote your brand, you attract higher-quality candidates who are interested in your industry and understand your culture.

Shorten Your Application Process

Since research shows that more than 60% of candidates drop out midway through an application because the process takes too much time, narrow the time allotted for recruiting. For instance, ensure your applications are mobile-friendly, no longer than 2-3 pages, and take no more than 10 minutes to complete. Meet with several candidates over one or two days rather than weeks. You’ll more accurately remember and compare candidates to determine the best hire. Offer a short skills test to ensure candidates are qualified for the position. Conduct a short tour of your municipality. See whether candidates appear interested in their surroundings and the role. Watch how they interact with staff and demonstrate their personality and respectfulness.

Ask Relevant Questions

Ask interview questions related to the job opening. For instance, uncover what candidates believe are their greatest strengths and what they find most challenging. Find out how they decide which task to complete next and how they handle the pressure. Ask why candidates feel they’re most qualified for the role. Find out what they did when they were unable to meet multiple deadlines or what they did to become more efficient or productive. Determine how candidates handle disagreements with coworkers or how they speak up to get the point across. Be sure all questions are the same for each candidate to ensure a fair hiring process.

Work with a Municipal Staffing Agency

Work with a firm specializing in municipal staffing. Benefit from a shorter hiring time, increasing productivity and paying less overtime for other staff. Let the agency absorb the costs for advertising, screening, interviewing, conducting background checks and other essential steps. Because the agency gets paid to fill jobs, you receive fewer candidates with exceptional skills and experience relevant to the position.

Partner with MuniTemps

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