Use Your Soft Skills to Advance Your Career

Soft skills are intangible and hard to quantify. Although hard skills can be taught, soft skills have to be developed. Because soft skills facilitate human connections that help you build relationships while gaining visibility and more opportunities for advancement, municipality supervisors care more about soft skills than hard skills. To further advance your career, you want to develop the following soft skills.



Written and verbal communication are important for the workplace. They set the tone for how people perceive you and improve your chances of building relationships with co-workers. Communication skills help you receive clear expectations from your supervisor so you can produce excellent work.


Putting together everyone’s talents means everyone wins. Team players create a friendly culture that attracts and retains top talent. Collaborating also improves the quality of your work.


Because things don’t always go as planned, you must be flexible and find alternate solutions when problems arise. Also, because workplaces change, you need to change to stay current.

Problem Solving

Handling issues as they arise is vital to career success. Finding new ways to tackle a problem shows that you take action and work toward desired results. Problem solvers are relied upon to navigate unexpected challenges. Thinking on your feet makes you indispensable to a municipality.

Critical Observation

You must know how to interpret data to move forward in your municipal career. Determining emerging patterns and finding other important information makes you a better employee. You bring a fresh perspective and provide intuitive solutions and ideas that help improve internal processes to efficiently function.

Conflict Resolution

Being able to work through issues with co-workers helps you maintain relationships and work more effectively. Constructively working through disagreements indicates leadership potential.


Displaying leadership skills will positively influence co-workers. You have a clear vision and know how to influence people to get onboard with your ideas. You gain visibility within the municipality, which may lead to additional opportunities for salary increases and promotions.

Work Ethic

Possessing discipline, professionalism and dedication means caring about your work and striving to perform your best. You embrace constructive criticism and learn to implement it to improve output. You also show up on time, pay attention to detail and finish your tasks on time.

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