Improve Your Team’s Productivity in These 10 Ways

An unfortunate trend is on the rise. According to a 2016 report by the U.S. Bureau of Labor, employees are less productive now than ever before. Because of the concerning decline, supervisors in municipalities need to take steps to improve their team’s productivity.


Here’s some advice on how to do that.


1.   Hire Right 

Bring aboard the right team members. Look for candidates who are passionate, driven and excited about their work. Cut ties if a staff member turns out not to be the best fit.   

2.  Set Goals 

Work with your team members on setting goals. Help them define the steps needed to attain each objective. Work together to create deadlines and measurements for success. Regularly check in to see their progress and help as needed.   

3.  Effectively Communicate 

Provide regular feedback in real time so teammates understand which areas they are hitting the mark in and specific ways they can improve in other areas. Schedule monthly one-on-one reviews to measure your team members’ overall performance.   

4.  Encourage Autonomy 

Encourage your team to eliminate or delegate less important tasks. Allow staff to make decisions about which meetings to attend and email lists they are included on. 

5.  Improve Meeting Policies 

Before planning a meeting, ask yourself whether it’s truly necessary or can the same tasks be accomplished through an email, video conference or phone call. Consider implementing a policy of not holding meetings on Fridays or outside of work hours.   

6.  Value Team Members 

Get to know each employee’s name and family members. Find out what they like to do outside the office. Keep current on personal concerns such as family illness or caregiving for a parent.    

7.  Provide Rewards 

A personal or public thank you, recognition in front of the team, paid time off or a production bonus shows you appreciate their contributions. Give a handwritten thank-you note, copy team members on a thank-you email or post an Employee of the Month award in your department.   

8.  Create a Positive Work Environment 

Attentively listen to team members when they come to you with issues. Offer ideas and resources to help them find answers.   

9.  Encourage Exercise 

Offer regular stretching sessions to get blood pumping, clear heads and reduce back pain and fatigue. Encourage your team to take a walk, participate in a yoga class, meditate or work out at a gym.    

10. Implement Technology 

Streamline processes by automating repetitive tasks. Examples include project management, time tracking, payments and invoices. 


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