Do You Have What It Takes to Be an HR Director? 

If you like people, you may be interested in becoming an HR director for your local government municipality. Along with handling issues employees face in the workplace, an HR director is responsible for a variety of responsibilities that keep a municipality going. 

Here are 10 skills every HR director needs to be successful:


1.      Communication   

You must have excellent written and verbal communication skills to work as an HR director. Along with recruiting, you deal with people all day regarding their personal and professional issues. You must gain employee trust through your interactions to improve relationships in the organization.   


2.      Organization   

Working as an HR director requires top organizational skills. Because you’re involved in recruitment, training, performance appraisals, individual development plans and employee relations, you need a system for going through all of the processes.   


3.      Decision Making   

As an HR director, you’ll need to decide whether a candidate is a good fit for a role when recruiting. When downsizing, you need to efficiently share the message amidst a crisis to support critical organizational functions.  


4.      Training and Development   

You’re responsible for providing development opportunities to maximize performance and increase value. For instance, setting up sessions on leadership and management training provides employees with more diverse skill sets to take on additional tasks and support career growth.  


5.      Budgeting   

Since you’re in charge of compensation, benefits, training and development, social activities, performance appraisals and more, you must incorporate those elements into the company’s strategic planning and budgeting.   


6.      Employee Relations 

Cultivating secure employee-employer relationships and professionals who support them is important. You must identify and resolve employee concerns as they come up to create a desirable work environment.   


7.      Onboarding 

In a position of HR director, you are responsible helping new hires efficiently and effectively adjust to the social and performance aspects of their job increases retention.   


8.      Human Resources Information Software   

Part of working as an HR director requires Human Resources Information Software (HRIS) skills. This software allows HR activities and processes to occur electronically, increasing efficiency while decreasing your workload.   


9.      Performance Management  

included in your responsibilities are setting employee expectations, monitoring performance, developing their capacity to perform and rating their performance.   


10.  Collaboration   

Because you focus on finding and creating the best possible workplace, you need to work as a team member. You often work with professionals in other departments, so you must be willing to learn what you don’t know.  


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