Signs You’re Ready to Change Jobs

Since you spend at least 40 hours a week at your municipal job, you owe it to yourself to evaluate how happy you are with your career. If you’ve been in the same position for years, it’s probably time to move forward. Odds are you don’t feel engaged in or challenged by your job and will be happier in a new role.

Here are seven signs you’re ready to change jobs:


1.  There’s No Room for Advancement

If you’ve been in the same municipal role for three years and have no room for advancement, it’s time to move on. You won’t be able to gain new skills or experience if you stay. Avoid remaining stagnant in your career path by moving on.

2.  You Lack Feedback

If you aren’t given regular feedback on your work performance, find a role where the supervisor lets you know how you’re doing. Not knowing what you’re doing well at and how you can improve in other areas makes it hard to get promoted or grow as a professional.

3.  You’re Not Learning

Not building your core skills through taking on projects, participating in courses or attending conferences and seminars means you’re not developing into a more challenging role. Go from being frustrated to being fulfilled.

4.  You’re Often Stressed

Dreading going to work and taking home stress from your job have serious consequences for your work performance and mental and physical health. There’s a better way to live by getting a new job.

5.  You’re Mentally Checked Out

Not caring means disengagement, which results in tasks not being completed and errors made. Your mind will be anywhere else but work. Look for a position that builds on your experience and holds your interest.

6.  You Self-Medicate

Whether you linger at the bar after work or pick up extra bottles of wine on your way home, trying to forget about your workday by self-medicating is an unhealthy habit to develop. Working with a hangover isn’t fun or productive. Find a new position instead.

7.  You’re Ready to Leave

If your gut is telling you it’s time to find a new municipal job, then act accordingly. Nobody knows your work environment better than you do. If you stay where you are, you’ll feel uninspired and drained of energy each day. Follow your inner voice and move forward.

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