Take More Initiative at Work – Here’s How

Taking initiative at work moves you forward in your career. Being an enterprising professional makes you a key player who gets things done. Finding ways to improve efficiency and effectiveness increases your contributions to the team and sets you up for promotions. Show your boss you’re ready for more responsibilities by implementing these examples. 


Act as a Team Member 

Think about what you can do as a team member rather than an individual staff member. After all, every success and team achievement is yours as well. For instance, bring coffee to your teammates when they’re having a long day. Cheer up someone who had a conflict with their boss. Use small acts of kindness to encourage everyone to have a great day. 

Go Beyond Job Responsibilities 

Take on additional tasks whenever possible. Know what your strengths are and find ways to use them. Focus on areas that create the most visible and noticeable results. Follow through on everything you say you will do. At some point, your boss will hear of your contributions and should commend you for taking action. 

Ask Questions 

Watch what goes on at the office. Analyze situations. Find out how things work and how you can improve them. Find ways to increase your contributions.  

Share Ideas 

There always will be a need for fresh concepts based on research and facts. Provide constructive feedback. When discussing a problem, offer potential solutions and ways you can help implement them. 

Focus on Innovation 

Find ways to solve problems and improve efficiencies. There typically is a more effective way to get things done than older processes allow for. Take calculated risks to find out what those ways are. Learn from your mistakes. Implement your findings to improve your results the next time around.   

Continue Learning 

Always be adding to your skills, abilities and experience. Find ways to implement what you learn. Prepare yourself for when opportunities present themselves. Gain knowledge and confidence as you take on additional projects. Continue challenging yourself to grow. 


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