11 Work Habits That Will Make You Happier at Work

Because you spend more time at your municipal job each week than you do at home, it’s important to be happy there. Happy workers are more engaged, productive and satisfied with their roles. Fortunately, happiness at work is within your control.


Here are 11 work habits that are sure to make you happier in your workplace 


1.  Get to Know Co-Workers 

Form professional relationships with co-workers at all levels. Work to impress everyone with your skills, knowledge and willingness to help when needed. You succeed more as a team than on your own.   

2.  Plan Your Day 

Know what you need to accomplish and when, so you stay focused and complete everything on time. Begin with the most challenging, tedious or demanding tasks first.   

3.  Remain Organized 

You need to know where everything is in order to complete your tasks on time. Being able to locate documents when your colleagues request them makes everyone’s life easier.   

4.   Stay Positive 

Maintain a positive attitude. Focus on what’s going well with your day. Act as a role model for others. 

5.  Take Action 

When faced with a challenge, find ways to overcome it. When your supervisor needs someone to lead a team project or mentor a new hire, express your willingness.   

6.  Hold Yourself Accountable 

Return phone calls and answer emails in a timely manner. Finish work before deadline. Follow through on what you say you’ll do.  

7.  Share Your Accomplishments 

Write down your project results, feedback and other accomplishments. Share them at the end of big projects, during regular check-ins with your supervisor and at official reviews.   

8.  Implement Feedback 

You need to know which parts of your work you are great at, which areas you can improve in, and specific ways you can contribute more. Showing that you take your job performance seriously increases productivity, engagement, and job satisfaction.   

9.  Streamline Inefficiencies 

Find inefficiencies in your job or department and ways to improve them. There most likely are ways to accomplish objectives in fewer steps and less time. Improving efficiencies shows you add greater value to your municipality. 

10. Remain Calm Under Pressure 

Confidently tackle new assignments and finish projects on tight deadlines. Show that handling surprises at work doesn’t affect you.   

11.  Maintain Mental Clarity 

Take 10-minute breaks every hour to reduce fatigue. Take a walk after your lunch break. Eat healthy foods and drink plenty of water.  


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