Why Should You Partner With a Municipal Staffing Firm When Hiring? 

Finding the right talent is a huge challenge for many municipalities. Reviewing applications, interviewing candidates and negotiating salaries all take away time from other responsibilities. For this reason, more municipalities are partnering with staffing agencies to provide workers for open roles. Find out how partnering with a municipal staffing firm can solve your hiring challenges.  


    • Time Savings 

Since the job market is strong and favors candidates, you may spend more time and have more challenges finding employees on your own. Top talent is hard to find. Reviewing resumes and interviewing is time-consuming. By hiring an experienced municipal staffing firm, you gain access to active and passive candidates you may not have reached otherwise. The firm invests the time needed to prescreen and qualify candidates so you interview only the most qualified candidates. You free up time to focus on other responsibilities.  


    • Flexibility

Because you may not need a permanent, full-time employee for every role, you will appreciate the flexibility of working with a municipal staffing firm to find qualified temporary workers. By gaining access to skilled professionals on an on-demand basis, you maintain productivity and pay only for services needed. Your workforce can adapt to your changing business needs without the time and money needed to hire, train or lay off staff members.   


    • Risk Reduction 

Due to the legal responsibilities involved with being an employer, you face risk when hiring employees. Paying a variety of taxes, providing health insurance and complying with labor laws involve risk. Training, losing and firing staff also involve risk. By partnering with a municipal staffing firm, the firm becomes the employer of record and assumes many of those risks. They handle payroll, benefits, taxes and other issues involving the workers and take on most related risks.  


    • Monetary Savings

Working with a municipal staffing firm can save you money. Time to hire is a significant factor in how much an open position may cost a municipality. The longer a role remains open, the higher the cost due to decreased productivity and diverting resources. By having a municipal staffing firm quickly fill the role, your productivity continues while time to hire and related costs go down.  


    • Skilled Workers

Temporary workers from municipal staffing firms are highly skilled at what they do. Many work for a staffing firm because they value flexibility, want to enter a new field or enjoy having a variety of assignments. You benefit from having qualified candidates available when you need them.  


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