10 Questions to Ask in Your Upcoming Interview

A job interview is not just a chance for a hiring manager to grill you with questions. It also is an opportunity for you to find out whether a role is a good fit. During your next interview, be sure to ask these 10 questions.


1.      Have I Answered All of Your Questions?

Before asking your own questions, determine whether there is anything the interviewer would like you to elaborate on. They will appreciate the offer, and you may be able to determine how well you are doing.

2.      What Does the Ideal Candidate for This Position Look Like? How Do I Compare?

By finding out what the ideal candidate looks like and how the interviewer thinks you stack up, you can determine whether your skills align with what the municipality is looking for.

3.      To Whom Will I Report?

Since the position may have several bosses, find out whom you will report to and whether you have a team of your own. Learn as much about those people as possible before deciding whether you want to accept the role.

4.      Which Soft Skills Are Most Important to Succeed in This Position?

You will gain insight into the municipality’s culture and management values and evaluate whether you will fit in.

5.      What Do You Like Most About Working for This Municipality?

You create a sense of camaraderie while gaining an inside view of working for the municipality.

6.      Which Steps Need to Be Completed Before an Offer Is Extended?

Determine what the timeline is for extending a job offer. You will get an idea of when you may hear back from the interviewer and can follow up soon after the deadline.

7.      What Might I Expect in a Typical Day?

Determine what the responsibilities and expectations include and whether you have what it takes to succeed.

8.      Is There Anyone Else I Need to Meet With?

You may be able to meet with potential co-workers or a manager and gain more insight into how well the municipality values team synergy.

9.      How Do You Help Your Team Grow Professionally?

Uncover opportunities for professional development. Show you are willing to work hard and grow along with the municipality.

10. What Are the Three Most Important Things to Accomplish in the First Six to Twelve Months?

After learning what is expected, demonstrate you are the person to reach those goals.


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