Top 9 Reasons Why You Should Consider Working for a Municipality

Have you ever thought about working for your local government? Employment with a municipality can be personally rewarding and impactful on community residents. You also gain excellent benefits and job security. Here are nine reasons why you should consider working for a municipality.


1.      Work-Life Balance

One of the perks of being a municipal worker is having work-life balance. Government offices are typically open 8-5 and closed on weekends and holidays. You are able to excel at work while maintaining your responsibilities with family and friends.


2.      Generous Benefits

Municipal workers receive excellent benefits including pension. For instance, you receive health insurance with affordable premiums, vacation days, sick days and holidays. Combining these benefits with your salary increases your overall compensation.  You also gain access to a defined benefit plan that can serve you during retirement.


3.      Job Security

Employment as a municipal worker means having job security. As a public sector worker, you are less affected by the ups and downs of the marketplace that result in employee cutbacks and layoffs. The steady demand for government services means that libraries, utilities, recreation and other programs continue to exist.


4.      Meaningful Work

Municipal work is meaningful because it involves building and improving communities. For instance, police officers, fire fighters, paramedics and building inspectors keep people safe. Engineers and public works employees build and rebuild infrastructure.


5.      Gaining Technical Skills

Because local governments work in a dynamic environment, there are endless opportunities for ongoing learning. As residents demands change, federal and state laws and regulations evolve, technology advances, demographics change and new values trend, technical skills become obsolete. As a municipal worker, you are able to learn new ways of conducting business or delivering services.


6.      Countless Opportunities

Opportunities abound for municipal workers. Whether securing employment as a public information officer, park or road maintenance crew member, emergency responder or other role, you contribute to your community’s success.


7.      Investing in Community

Municipal workers make a difference in their community. For instance, firefighters help people involved in vehicle crashes, fires and other emergencies near home. Accountants and internal auditors see that tax dollars are legally spent and expenditures are accounted for and available for public review.


8.      Seeing Results

Securing employment as a municipal worker means being closer to the people and programs and seeing the results of your efforts. For instance, you may be able to see street and infrastructure improvements, new buildings being created, safety improved and more fulfilled citizens.


9.      Meeting People

Working for a municipality means meeting people you may not know otherwise. For instance, if you work as an Analyst, you may meet policy advisors, cartographers, data professionals or building inspectors. Many of the people you meet or work with may be your neighbors.


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