I love my City Hall!

I Love My City Hall!

During this time, when communities across the United States are facing so many issues and civil unrest, it is more important than ever to take time to remember the excellent job that our local government leaders and their organizations are doing.

I just got out of a long City Council meeting. It is about 9:30 in the evening.

I have to tell you, my heart swells up with pride from the professional and caring work that is carried out by the men and women at our local government organizations that we call City Hall.

I am proud to work at City Hall!

So many people in our communities are misinformed about what the Mayor in the City Council does.

The elected officials at City Hall truly are underpaid and under loved.

The Mayor and the Council work tirelessly serving their communities, reviewing 6-inch agenda packets every two weeks…and for very little compensation.

The Mayor and City Council, and other governing body members, are real people with their own real problems.

Yet they do their best to maintain a dignified decorum and professionalism, even in the face of residents who yell at them at the dais.

If we don’t work at City Hall, and if we don’t attend the public meetings, we just can’t appreciate the work they do.

I remember Gail Benda, Mayor at the City of Hemet, California, in Riverside County, back in the early 1990s.

I recall Gail telling me, “I am done with my term as Mayor…I will not be running again because I am tired of having to feel like I am walking around on high heels 24/7 365 days a year“.

Our elected leaders love and care about their communities and the staff that they lead.

This is why I have to say, that after a 4-hour Council meeting, where many residents were present solely to criticize and yell at the Council (and law enforcement tonight), that I can say I appreciate and love my City Hall!

For those of you who might be interested in a career working at City Hall, go down to your City Hall near your home today.

Go check out the job listings. Go speak to the human resources staff so they can see you and put a face to your name so that when you apply, they’ll remember you.

After 32 years working in City government, I have to tell you that there is no better career then serving in a local government position at City Hall!

So, go hug your Mayor!

Go hug a City Council member!

Go hug a police officer!

Well, maybe you shouldn’t run up to a police officer. Instead, just tell them you appreciate the job they do very much!

All for now,

John Herrera, CPA,
MuniTemps, and the CitySpeak podcast.
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