7 Qualities Every Accountant Needs to Be Successful

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were approximately 1,424,000 accounting jobs in the year 2018. Right now, many of these roles are available in municipalities. Filling an accounting role in a municipality requires specific skills. If you’re looking for a municipal accounting position, be sure you exhibit these seven qualities to be successful.


Time Management

As an accountant, you need to manage your time exceptionally well. This is especially important if you’re involved in strategic decision-making. Since you have a multitude of responsibilities beyond financial management, you need to prioritize them to maximize your time while finishing work before the deadline.

Attention to Detail

Working as an accountant requires extreme attention to detail. The numbers need to work and be correct. You have to check your work three times to ensure it’s accurate.


Your role as an accountant requires creativity. Using existing knowledge to generate new ideas, explore potential outcomes and find out-of-the-box solutions helps keep the municipality operating. Because not all issues are textbook cases, you must come up with unique ways to overcome obstacles as they arise.


Your position as an accountant necessitates commitment. Being passionate about helping the municipality thrive makes you an attractive hire. Municipalities want employees looking for long-term employment who remain engaged and productive each day.


As an accountant, you must be trustworthy. Working with confidential municipal information means you must adhere to privacy policies at all times. You have to behave professionally and not share information with unauthorized third parties. Ethically conducting business is essential to cultivating a reputation of trustworthiness.

Communication Skills

Working as an accountant requires strong communication skills. Being able to communicate with coworkers in different departments is important. Sharing, financial information, and insights with nonfinance professionals in an easily understood manner is required. You may use charts, graphs or other visualization tools to communicate data and answer questions to ensure the information is understood correctly.


In your role as an accountant, you need to be flexible. Welcoming challenges and effectively responding to changes in your work environment are necessary. Embracing new technology and staying current on regulatory changes are required.

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