Be Healthy This Year at Work – 7 Exercises to Do at Your Desk

Working 40 hours or more per week and taking care of personal responsibilities leaves little time for exercising. However, lack of physical activity affects your time management skills, mental performance and ability to meet deadlines. For these reasons, it’s important you make time to work out every day. Stay healthy by performing these seven exercises at work.


  1. Seated Leg Raises

Seated leg raises work your legs and abs. Sit in your office chair. Straighten your right leg to make it parallel to the floor. Hold for 10 seconds. Do the same with your left leg. Repeat both legs for 15 repetitions.

  1. Fast Feet

Moving your feet increases your heart rate. Sit in your desk chair with your feet flat on the floor. Rapidly tap your feet as if you were running in place. Maintain this action for 30 seconds. Pause. Repeat for another 30 seconds. Repeat every half hour.

  1. Chair Dips

Chair dips work your core. Use an office chair that does not roll away. Walk to the front edge of the chair. Put your legs in front of you. Place your hands on your hips. Point your fingers toward your desk. Grab the edges of the chair. Use your core and arms to raise and lower yourself so your rear goes down near the floor. Push yourself up. Repeat 15 times. Perform three cycles of 15 reps.

  1. Shadow Boxing

Shadow boxing raises your heart rate and releases stress. Sitting a safe distance from your computer, put your fists in front of your face. Punch your fists in the air as if you are hitting a punching bag. Alternate using your right and left arms for 30 seconds. Pause. Repeat for 30 seconds. Repeat throughout the day.

  1. Swiveling Abs

Swiveling in a chair works your abs. Sit in your swivel chair and lift your feet off the ground. Gently hold onto your desk with your fingers. Have your core oblique abs, not your arms, do the work. Use your core to swivel your chair left to right and back again. Complete 15 repetitions in three cycles.

  1. Leaning Plank

Leaning planks work your abs, back and shoulder muscles. Step at least a foot away from a wall. Lean forward, using only your forearms for support. Hold the position as long as possible. To change things up, go into the leaning position and lower yourself until your shoulders almost touch the wall, then push yourself back up. Repeat 15 times.

  1. Shoulder Raises

Shoulder raises relieve tension in your next. Raise your shoulders toward your ears, hold for 10 seconds, and relax. To increase your stretch, work on one shoulder at a time, alternating five times each.


Exercise While Performing Municipal Work

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