The Economic Roller Coaster…Brace Yourself!

You know it’s serious when your banker tells you HE’S stressed from today’s economic uncertainty.

Nothing makes sense. The relationships between economic indicators, interest rates, the stock market, inflation, unemployment, none of it makes sense.

It’s as if you’re on the X2 roller coaster, and it’s your first time.

Not knowing what’s next can cause stress, but the sooner you accept you’re on this roller coaster, the better mindset you will have for the ride.

Remember, don’t worry about what you can’t change, but do brace yourself for the twists, the dips, and the turns ahead.

And know the ride WILL end, so take notes and go for it! Oh the story you’ll tell your kids!

For better or worse, the architects in Washington are designing the 2020/21 economic recovery plan, featuring a mondo roller coaster!

There’s little if anything we can do about their design. What we can do is buckle up and prepare for the ride.

And by “buckle up”, I mean retool, refuel, refocus, reboot, and rebrand yourself to face the economic uncertainty with professional courage and confidence.

So don’t panic.

We’ll get off this economic roller coaster ride stronger if we brace ourselves for the inevitable uncertainty !

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