4 Tips on How to Be Successful When Your Team Is Fast-Paced

Working on a fast-paced team can be difficult at times. You might find yourself moving among tasks or juggling many duties all at once. You have to be agile and change priorities whenever the municipality’s needs call for it. Because things happen quickly and continuously, you must do all you can to stay prepared and contributing at your highest level. Here are four tips to be successful.


Be a Team Player

Fulfill your role as part of a unified team. For instance, keep in mind that the projects and objectives you work on for the municipality are what matter. Find out how you can help coworkers finish tasks. Ask for help when needed. Think before you speak. Make sure your interactions are respectful and professional. Being considerate in your communication helps your organization run smoothly.

Consistently Communicate

Ensure you constantly communicate with your teammates. Everyone needs to stay on the same page with priorities, progress, changes, and the next steps. Whether everyone gathers for in-person daily huddles, twice-weekly meetings or posts on Slack throughout the day, communication needs to be ongoing and trackable. Be sure to put everything in writing so everyone can be held accountable for their work. Team members can stay in the loop and identify and clarify issues.

Focus on Priorities

Since projects and priorities often shift, remain informed on what you should be focused on. For instance, create a to-do list based on your most important assignments. Stay on target with what you need to complete and when. Keep track of deadlines to pace yourself while completing tasks based on their level of urgency and importance. Block off 30 to 60 minutes throughout each day to focus on one task at a time. If last-minute meetings pop up, you still have time to complete your most pressing work.

Take Breaks

Be sure you take regular breaks throughout each workday. Your brain and body need to rest so you can perform your best. Be sure you use the time to clear your head and relax. Go for a walk, read a book or meditate. If pressing deadlines mean long hours for your team, find out whether you can stagger the work so everyone on your team can take off early once per week. If you’re in a creative rut or stuck on a problem, take a walk outside of the office. A change of scenery can spark the creativity needed to move forward.


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