Be Sure to Include These Skills on Your Resume

The skills section of your resume shows the hiring manager you have the qualifications needed to be successful in a position. In many cases, your skills section determines whether you move to the next step in the recruiting process. As a result, it’s important that you know which skills to include in your resume to have the greatest effect. Be sure to include these skills when creating your resume.


Hard Skills

Employers want to know which hard skills make you qualified for a role. Hard skills are specific to the job/industry. You typically learn them in school, certification programs, training, or on-the-job experience. Hard skills might include proficiency in software, foreign languages, project management, or operating specific equipment or machinery. In many cases, you don’t need all the hard skills mentioned in a job posting. Many skills can be learned if you’re offered the position

Soft Skills

Hiring managers need to see how your soft skills can lead to success in a position. Soft skills are abilities that may be applied to any job. They include proficiency in communication, customer service, organization, or problem-solving. Soft skills typically involve personality traits that are harder to develop than hard skills. Examples include critical thinking, flexibility, teamwork or attention to detail. As a result, soft skills are significantly valuable to employers. They may enhance your hard skills, as well.

Transferable Skills

If you’re changing careers, be sure to include your transferrable skills. These are qualities that may be useful to many types of employers. Transferrable skills include flexibility, organization, teamwork, and leadership. You can use your experience to promote success in a new career path.

Skills Relevant to the Job

Include your skills that pertain to the role you want. Hiring managers have limited time to review resumes, so keep your skills section specific and concise. Review the job posting to find out which skills match your own. Research the municipality website to determine its culture and how it matches your personality. For instance, say you want to be a municipal HR manager, and the job posting mentions interview skills, training skills, excellent communication, and interpersonal relationships are very important. If you have those skills, include them on your resume. If you move to the interview phase, you can elaborate on skills not included in your resume.


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