December Is the Best Time of Year to Get a New Job

Along with preparing for the holidays this December, you should be preparing for your next job search. While most people are focused on celebrating with family and friends, you can be celebrating landing your new role.


Here are four reasons why December is the best time of year to look for your next municipal job.

Great Time to Network

Around the holidays is an excellent time to network. Whether joining friends at company holiday parties or talking with relatives, you haven’t seen in a while; you have a variety of opportunities to meet new people and let your network know about your career interests. You can reach out to existing connections, including former colleagues and mentors, to see what’s new and ask if they may know of anyone who can help you find the type of job you’re looking for.

Less Competition

Since most people are focused on preparing for the holidays, you face less competition for job openings. With fewer candidates and resumes, it’s easier for you to stand out. Plus, many employees quit their jobs after receiving their holiday bonus at the end of the year, further opening up opportunities you can apply for.

Extra Money in Budgets

Because companies typically have spending money left in their annual budgets, hiring managers can fill current and new positions. Since the excess isn’t known until close to the end of the year, that’s when jobs get posted. Having enough room in the budget for another salary means being able to open up a position that would benefit an organization. Keep an eye out for vacancies, especially at your targeted companies.

More Attention from Hiring Managers

Applying for jobs in December means increased attention from hiring managers. Because many employees take vacation days, managers have additional time to answer calls and emails, review resumes, set up interviews, and move forward in the hiring process. As a result, you may be offered a job in less time than it usually takes.

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