Do You Feel Burned Out? It May Be Time to Change Jobs

Your work should enrich and enliven you rather than diminish you. You deserve to feel trusted, respected, autonomous and able to have a positive impact on others. Therefore, when you face adverse work conditions such as work overload, lack of autonomy and disrespect, you face the risk of burnout. You may experience exhaustion, cynicism and inefficacy, all of which have serious consequences.

Learn how to uncover the signs of burnout and when the time is right to find a new job.

What Defines Burnout?

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines burnout as a “syndrome conceptualized as resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed.” The WHO stresses that burnout is work-related and characterized by feeling exhausted or depleted, experiencing mental distance from or negativity about work and decreased effectiveness on the job.

What Are Some Signs of Burnout?

A multitude of signs may point to burnout. Perhaps you don’t get excited about what you do anymore. Instead of feeling fulfilled, you feel dissatisfied. You might stop putting in effort because you have stopped caring about your job. Rather than being a high achiever, you perform at a mediocre level. You could feel exhausted all the time. You often may feel sick. Insomnia, chest pain, headaches, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, dizziness or fainting and gastrointestinal pain are common signs of burnout.

Does Your Job Help You Be Your Best Self?

Your job should focus on your strengths and help you perform your best. If you work in conditions that keep you achieving below your potential due to an overwhelming workload, conflicting objectives, unclear expectations, inadequate resources or lack of support, you won’t be able to be your best self. Consistently facing barriers to high-performance results in providing less value than working in top conditions. Your motivation will drop, hurting both you and the municipality. When the employment relationship is no longer beneficial to anyone, it’s time to move on.

Does Your Job Strongly Align With Your Values and Interests?

When your values and interests don’t fit with those of the municipality you work for, you likely won’t receive the support you need to perform at your peak. If the municipality’s values shown by managers’ behavior and decision making is opposite your core beliefs about authenticity, autonomy, making a difference and thriving at work, your career success will suffer. You’re better off seeking employment elsewhere.

Does Your Job Give You Room to Grow?

Determine whether the rough patch you’re going through is short or long term. Think about whether you see yourself in a senior role within the municipality. If the employees currently in those positions are consistently stressed, sick and negative, or there aren’t opportunities to expand into new areas and develop new skills, you want to work elsewhere.

Is It Time to Change Jobs?

When burnout has you thinking about changing municipal jobs, turn to MuniTemps for help. We have a vast network of opportunities to help you feel fulfilled again. We’re here to help you!


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