How to Reach Passive Candidates for Municipal Jobs

Because passive candidates are happily employed, they aren’t applying for jobs at your municipality. Sometimes passive candidates are willing to look into opportunities that interest them, so you need to learn how to reach out to them for municipal jobs. Here are some tips:  


Determine Current Staffing Needs 

Conduct a staffing assessment to find out what knowledge and skills are needed to fill gaps in your workforce. Develop job profiles based on skills your municipality currently needs. Rank from high to low how critical those skills are based on your municipality’s mission, vision and goals. Review performance assessments, conduct skills analysis questionnaires, and interview employees and supervisors to evaluate the skills your workers have. Rank those skills based on how critical they are. Compare your findings to reveal current skills gaps.  


Assess Future Staffing Needs 

Conduct the same analysis for future staffing needs as you did for current ones. Consider your usual turnover rates, anticipated retirements and future job growth based on your municipality’s strategic plan. Use the information to determine which passive candidates should be targeted and which relationships you need to cultivate for future roles.    


Source Passive Candidates 

Go where your targeted passive candidates go both physically and online. Attend the same networking events and conferences. Create talent communities on social media where a network of people can share information and develop relationships. Participate in LinkedIn Groups and other social media groups based on interests related to your municipality. Use LinkedIn’s advanced people search tool to enter your criteria for the ideal candidate and find potential matches. Post job openings on your municipality’s Facebook page and ask followers to share your information. Request employee referrals. Directly contact passive candidates about potentially working for your municipality.   


Engage Passive Candidates 

Cultivate an ongoing relationship with passive candidates. Encourage authentic communication through methods such as phone calls, emails or social media. Ask about passive candidates’ short- and long-term career goals. Find out what they want to know about your municipality’s strategic plan, culture and job responsibilities. Point out what your municipality has to offer that candidates’ current employers don’t. Remain in regular contact with passive candidates. When an appropriate job opens up, reach out to those who qualify to determine whether they want to learn more. If they do, explain the application process and help passive candidates get started.  


Find Passive Municipal Job Candidates  

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