Use Your Network to Find Your Next Municipal Job

According to a study published on LinkedIn, over 80 percent of jobs are found through networking. Because the majority of openings are unadvertised, if you’re looking for a municipal job, the best way to tap into the hidden market is by talking with people who work for your local municipality. They may be able to provide municipal career guidance and help you secure an interview.  

Here are five tips for using your network to find your next municipal job.  


Expand Your Network 

When you know the type of municipal job you want, focus on making connections in that area. Attend local events and functions. Volunteer to help put them on. Participate in relevant groups both in person and on LinkedIn. You’ll meet professionals in your municipality who may become your friends and be able to help you land your next position.   

Keep in Touch With Connections  

Maintain regular contact with members of your network. Set up occasional lunches, drinks or friendly emails to stay current in their lives. Congratulate your contacts on work accomplishments and life events, such as getting married, purchasing a home or adding to their family. Email news articles and job openings that might interest them. Remain visible on social media by posting relevant content on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter. You’ll be top of mind when a municipal job opens up that may interest you.  

Share Details of Your Job Search 

Let members of your network know you’re looking for a municipal job. Tell family, friends, former coworkers and anyone else you know exactly what you’re looking for in your next role. Ask if they might be able to introduce you or recommend you to potential contacts. You never know who may be able to help out. 

Set Up Informational Interviews  

Ask professionals in your municipality to talk with you about their job duties. Your goal is to gather advice, information and recommendations to help make an informed career move. You want to gain insight into job skills and meet people who may become valuable contacts. Keep in mind that you’re simply asking for help, not for them to find you a job.  

Gain Employee Referrals 

If you have an established relationship with a municipal worker, you may be able to secure an employee referral. According to a Jobvite survey, 60 percent of the best candidates are found through referrals. Obtaining an employee referral shows you understand and are qualified to carry out the job duties while blending with the team. Because you know a municipal worker, you’re more likely to get up to speed faster and work for the municipality long-term.    


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