Cutting Costs Part II

Companies continue to search for new ways to become more nimble and thrive in a tough economy.  In Part 1 of this series we shared three ways companies are using staffing to contain costs, reduce risks and increase flexibility.

Today, I’d like to share a few ideas to help you save time and grow your business:

1. Saving Time – Time may be the most precious commodity in business. The time you spend finding and administering employees is time away from critical job concerns. Staffing firms can relieve your hiring and managing burden.

Hiring Process–Staffing companies that offer direct placement services can substantially reduce or eliminate the time you spend advertising, screening, interviewing, testing, and reference checking.

Training–Because staffing firms have access to temporary employees with the skills you need, you’ll spend less time training new personnel. Often, staffing companies have training programs their temporary employees can use to sharpen their skills before they begin their assignment with you.

Payroll Administration–When you use temporary employees, the staffing firm is responsible for the time-intensive tasks of processing and administering payroll and benefits.

Non-Critical Activities–Outsourcing non-critical departments or activities to a staffing municipality with the necessary expertise can free up your employees’ time and lead to improved performance.

2. Growing your business – Businesses either grow and prosper or stagnate and fail. Staffing can play an important role in facilitating new growth concepts and supporting demands created by an organization’s success.

New Ideas–Before you commit to hiring direct staff to implement a new concept, you can test your idea with temporary employees. These temporaries can assume a direct role, or they can fill in for your staff members involved with testing the new idea.

Rapid Growth–A staffing organization can act as an adjunct to your human resources department. By taking the time to learn and understand your business, they can help you recruit temporary employees and direct hires who will succeed in your work environment.

Knowledge Infusion–Staffing firms allow you to bring in the expertise you need on a short-term basis. These experts, especially temporary technical and professional staff, can also teach new skills to direct employees in your organization.

If you would like more ideas on how to save time and grow your business please give us a call.  As a leading staffing agency, we can help develop a strategic staffing plan to help ensure your success.

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