Thank you Monica!


I just wrote to John to let him know that we’ll be transitioning your bank rec approach to Desiree next week.   After next week, you will free from us and pursuing other fascinating accounting work! 🙂


I wanted to let you know that I have enjoyed working with you and I greatly appreciate your tenacity in working with us to get the bank recs timely.  We have some challenging processes and procedures that inhibit a simple bank rec and I am glad that you were able to dive in and figure out something that works!


You are a great asset to MuniTemps!


Take care and I’ll talk with you on Monday with some other tasks.  I need to get through my weekend work and evaluate where we are.


Stay cool!  (We have been having extreme temps here.)


Debbie Martin, CPA


Nevada Irrigation District

Debbie Martin, Controller, Nevada Irrigation District
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