Thank you Monica!


I just wrote to John to let him know that we’ll be transitioning your bank rec approach to Desiree next week.   After next week, you will free from us and pursuing other fascinating accounting work! 🙂


I wanted to let you know that I have enjoyed working with you and I greatly appreciate your tenacity in working with us to get the bank recs timely.  We have some challenging processes and procedures that inhibit a simple bank rec and I am glad that you were able to dive in and figure out something that works!


You are a great asset to MuniTemps!


Take care and I’ll talk with you on Monday with some other tasks.  I need to get through my weekend work and evaluate where we are.


Stay cool!  (We have been having extreme temps here.)


Debbie Martin, CPA


Nevada Irrigation District

Debbie Martin, Controller, Nevada Irrigation District

The City of San Marino is very appreciative and grateful for the outstanding and professional service we have received from MuniTemps.  We had a great need to fill a temporary Parks and Public Works Director/City Engineer position within a quick time frame.  Within in a couple of days we were interviewing three highly qualified candidates.  We selected a candidate and he was able to start within a week.  He was outstanding, so much so, he has become our permanent Director within one month of his temporary start date.  This experience along with other previous contacts with MuniTemps has given us confidence to contact them first when we are need of a temporary arrangement.

David Serrano

Manager, Human Resources & Risk Management

City of San Marino, CA

David Serrano, Manager H.R./Risk Mgmt, City of San Marino, CA

MuniTemps has been instrumental in the development of my career and has consistently given me the best possible customer service. Their dedication and personal interest in my work atmosphere and overall professional improvement is worth noting. They offer sound advise and guidance to young professionals looking for a career in Municipal Government and I am more than happy and blessed to be an employee of MuniTemps and look forward to working with them in the long run.

Anu Doravari, Planning Technician, City of California City

Hi John,

The District would like to express its’ appreciation to your firm for extending the services of an Interim Controller to assist us with this year’s audit. At this juncture, my team indicates we are in great shape to receive this year’s GFOA award the second time. Considering logistics, staffing and District requirements, Bijan as well as Interim Controller services will no longer be required after June 2, 2017.

Again, I sincerely thank you and your firm for providing the District these financial services.

Marvin Davis, Treasurer, Nevada Irrigation District

I just wanted to let you know that we are so pleased with Kim. She’s a very quick learner and fast worker.
I’ve heard from two of our largest (in terms of purchase orders generated) that they are impressed by her work as well. Thank you for finding us such a great worker.

Gayle Okada, Supervising Accountant, City of Union City

The MuniTemps team responded to my staffing request on Christmas Eve day when a critical department head announced an immediate resignation. During what could have been a very stressful time, MuniTemps stepped up to the plate and were on site within 2 business days! I knew our organization was in the right hands with the utmost of professionalism to help during this critical period of transition.

Once onsite, MuniTemps exceeded my expectations. They provided an evaluation of the department and shared their expertise in areas that needed to be addressed. With their critical support, the City was able to close a $1 million general fund gap and present a balanced budget, draft the City’s first 5 year CIP, and prepare the first CAFR of all public agencies in the County. I couldn’t ask for better service than tackling these huge projects. Thanks to the MuniTemps team for getting the City back on track.

Andi Welsh, City Manager, City of Lemoore

The City of Encinitas was embarking in a new initiative to enforce our short term vacation rental permit ordinance. We looked to MuniTemps to provide us with a temporary person that would understand the general plan we had for identifying short term vacation rental properties that did not have permits and preparing letters with supporting documentation requesting compliance with the ordinance. MuniTemps responded immediately with a person (Cristina) qualified to research websites to obtain the documentation needed to prove short term vacation rental activity and to prepare the letters to be sent to property owners. Cristina hit the ground running and with just general guidelines began to produce tangible results immediately. Cristina has also actively made recommendations to improve our process. We are very satisfied with the service provided by MuniTemps and especially Cristina and would recommend them to anyone with temporary personnel needs.

Tim Nash, Director of Finance, City of Encinitas

I just wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude to MuniTemps for their outstanding service and support in the last two years. It was quite a year with fluctuating technical demands. With MuniTemps support, I was able to optimize the Engineering Division during this very critical time. The talented engineer provided “stepped up to the plate” in every instance. His diverse technical skills and talents afforded me the opportunity to assign him tasks across the entire spectrum from design, to traffic engineering to project management, and more. He was competent, motivated, and dedicated. Needless to say, my expectations were exceeded in every category. MuniTemps also helped me meet budget goals. Their hourly rates were very competitive. I´d be pleased with the opportunity to use MuniTemps again in the future.

Arturo Cervantes, P.E. Director of Public Works/City Engineer, City of Pico Rivera

I would like to take this opportunity to convey my sincere gratitude to you for the professionalism and great customer service that MuniTemps has provided to LVMWD in providing us with quality temporary staff. As a public agency, delivering excellent customer service and serving our community in an expeditious and courteous manner are top priority for us. Ensuring that we contract temporary staff that exemplifies those qualities is key to our success.
We really appreciate knowing that we can depend on MuniTemps sending us qualified candidates every time we need to fill a gap or enhance our current staffing needs. As the Human Resources manager, it is also extremely important to ensure we are allocating resources from our rate payers effectively and efficiently to ensure we are getting the best service for the best price and with MuniTemps I can easily meet these responsibilities.

Sherri Paniagua, Human Resources Manager, Las Virgenes Municipal Water District

Things turned out very favorably for  HVLCSD and MuniTemps. Initially, the Board noticed your ad in the CSDA magazine and decided to enlist your services from that.  Certainly, our interim GM search was not an expected event for the Board.  I can only speak to the limited experience we have had with MuniTemps but overall we give very high marks for the placement of a well-qualified and experienced candidate to fill the interim GM position.  You followed up with us at intervals to see how all was working after Roland’s placement.  In fact, the placement was such a good fit that we ended up hiring Roland as our permanent GM.  This has been a “win-win” situation for all parties, HVLCSD, MuniTemps and Roland Sanford.  On behalf of the Board of Directors, it has been a pleasure doing business with you.

Judy Mirbigian, President of the Board of Directors, Hidden Valley Lake CSD