MuniTemps management team

John Herrera, CPA

President / CEO

John is the founder of MuniTemps and has 29 years experience in municipal administration, including finance, purchasing, IT, risk management, and personnel administration.  John has worked as Administrative Analyst in Public Works, Accounting Manager and Finance Director, Administrative Services Director, City Treasurer, Acting City Manager, and a variety of interim staffing assignments for various municipal agencies.  John has a bachelor’s degree in business administration, emphasis in finance, from San Diego State University and a Master of Public Administration from Cal State University San Bernardino.  John is also licensed to practice public accounting in California, license #89629.  John currently serves as Principal Accountant at the City of Coalinga, CA.


Monica Rueda, CPA

Compliance Specialist

Monica is a CPA and has ten years experience in city government administration.  She has served as City Treasurer and Accountant and she holds a bachelor’s degree and continues her studies in the staffing industry.  She has worked with several California Cities performing high-level accounting work, cleaning up the books for municipalities in transition.  Monica has a passion for municipal staffing and for bringing together talented professionals with a commitment to customer service and an affinity for public service.



Tony Herrera, CSP

Sr. Staffing Coordinator

Tony has worked for three City organizations in Administration, Community Development, and Finance.  He also has seven years experience in municipal staffing at MuniTemps and is the primary coordinator of all job orders. Tony is a Certified Staffing Professional through the American Staffing Association.



Craig Levorsen

Staffing Consultant

Craig has worked for the City of Lemoore as Administrative Manager and has worked for MuniTemps for almost a decade in various capacities.  He specializes in special projects and as Staffing Consultant serving municipalities throughout the country.


Cristina McClanahan

Staffing Consultant

Cristina has extensive experience in management and customer service and she has focused her life on making a difference in the lives of the people she serves.  She has served as municipal Accountant and Administrative Analyst for several City organizations.  She has a passion for public service and assists municipal organizations with finding the right talent for their organization.



Carlos Herrera

Media Specialist

Carlos has five years experience as a Media Specialist, producing training videos, podcasts, and other commercial productions.  His broad experience in Film and video production has made Carlos an important part of the MuniTemps team.


Abby Bonilla

Accounting Assistant

Abby is committed to serving our Clients and Candidates with billing, payroll, and other back office services.  Abby has a passion for municipal staffing and a commitment to customer service and an affinity for public service.


Selena Herrera

Future CEO

Selena is our mascot at all local government conferences and the future CEO of MuniTemps.  Watch for her at our next CSMFO, League of Cities, or other municipal conference in your area!